Ola Ahlqvist Ola Ahlqvist
Associate Professor of Geography
614 247-7997
Frederick L. Aldama Frederick L. Aldama
Professor of English
Narrative Theory
Film Studies
Critical Theory
614 247-8890
Chadwick Allen Chadwick Allen
Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Arts and Humanities
614 292-4063
Fred Andrle Fred Andrle
Institute Associate
614 292-2638
Philip Armstrong Philip Armstrong
Associate Professor of Comparative Studies
614 247-6183
Harmony Bench Harmony Bench
Assistant Professor of Dance
614 247-7393
Nina Berman Nina Berman
Professor of Comparative Studies
614 688-3324
Veronica Betancourt Veronica Betancourt
LASER Fellow
Diane Birckbichler Diane Birckbichler
Professor of French and Director of The Foreign Language Center
614 292-4361
Angela Brintlinger Angela Brintlinger
Professor, Slavic and East European Language and Culture
Cynthia Burack Cynthia Burack
Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
614 292-2210
Jonathan Burgoyne Jonathan Burgoyne
Spanish and Portuguese Associate Professor
614 247-2743
Mathew Coleman Mathew Coleman
Assistant Professor of Geography
614 292-9686
Steven Conn Steven Conn
Professor of History
614 292-6858
Adam Davis Adam Davis
Theresa Delgadillo Theresa Delgadillo
Assistant Professor
614 292-2559
Frank Donoghue Frank Donoghue
Professor of English
Alcira Duenas Alcira Duenas
Associate Professor
Allison Elliott
Research Associate
614 688-0265
Molly Farrell Molly Farrell
Assistant Professor of English
614 292-8758
Richard Fletcher Richard Fletcher
Associate Professor of Classics
Roman Literature and Philosophy
Critical and Cultural Theory
614 292-1591
Lisa Florman Lisa Florman
Associate Professor, History of Art
614 292-7481
Naomi Fukumori Naomi Fukumori
Associate Professor in Japanese
•Heian (794-1185) and Kamakura period (1185-1333) court literature (poetry and prose) 614 247-7691
Jill Galvan Jill Galvan
Associate Professor of English
•Victorian and Turn-of-the-Century Literature and Culture
Harvey Graff Harvey Graff
Professor of English and History
Harvey Graff Harvey Graff
Working Group leader
Rebecca Haidt Rebecca Haidt
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
614 292-4958
Susan S. Hanson Susan S. Hanson
Academic Program Coordinator for LiteracyStudies@OSU, Lecturer
614 247-6539
Julia Nelson Hawkins Julia Nelson Hawkins
Assistant Professor
614 292-2744
Wendy Hesford Wendy Hesford
Professor of English
Robert Holub Robert Holub
Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor of German, Director of Graduate Studies
Karen Hutzel Karen Hutzel
Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Chair
614 688-4703
Kathryn Jakes Kathryn Jakes
Professor, Consumer Sciences, College of Education and Human Ecology
614 292-5518
Elizabeth Lantz Elizabeth Lantz
Office Administrative Associate
614 688-0265
Susan Lawrence Susan Lawrence
Associate Professor
614 292-5479
Morgan Liu Morgan Liu
Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
614 292-5619
Robert E. Livingston Robert E. Livingston
Associate Director, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Studies
20th Century Literature
Postcolonial Theory
Literary and Cultural Theory
614 247-6763
Randi Lopez Randi Lopez
LASER fellow
Carolina Lopez-Ruiz Carolina Lopez-Ruiz
Associate Professor of Classics, Director of Graduate Studies
614 688-4043
Tamara Mann Tamara Mann
Institute Associate
History 917 678-9870
Glenn Martinez Glenn Martinez
Professor and Chair of Spanish and Portuguese
614 292-4958
Kendra McSweeney Kendra McSweeney
614 247-6400
Susan Melsop Susan Melsop
Assistant Professor of Design
614 292-1012
Debra Moddelmog Debra Moddelmog
Professor of English
614 292-3002
Leslie Moore Leslie Moore
Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning, Courtesy Associate Professor of Linguistics
614 247-2429
Michael Neblo Michael Neblo
Assistant Professor of Political Science
614 292-7839
Kris Paulsen Kris Paulsen
Assistant Professor
614 688-8179
George Paulson George Paulson
Professor Emeritus, Neurology
614 688-4644
Pedro Pereira Pedro Pereira
Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
614 247-0018
James Phelan James Phelan
614 292-6065
Ethan Pirigyi
Research Associate
614 688-0265
Paul Reitter Paul Reitter
Humanities Institute Director
German-Jewish literature and culture
German modernism
fin-de-siecle Vienna
614 688-1398
Dana Renga Dana Renga
Assistant Professor
614 292-8191
Jennifer Schlueter Jennifer Schlueter
Assistant Professor of Theatre
614 688-0428
Barry Shank Barry Shank
Professor and Chair, Comparative Studies
614 292-2559
Amy Shuman Amy Shuman
Professor of English and Anthropology
Alejandra Rojas Silva
Alejandra Rojas Silva Alejandra Rojas Silva
Richard Sisson Richard Sisson
Professor Emeritus, Political Science, and former Provost
Ryan Skinner Ryan Skinner
Assistant Professor, School of Music and African American and African Studies
614 292-9441
Todd Slaughter Todd Slaughter
Professor of Art
Installation Art
Multimedia Art
216 292-5072
Deborah Smith-Shank Deborah Smith-Shank
Professor and Chair, Arts Administration, Education, & Policy
614 688-4346
Deborah Smith-Shank Deborah Smith-Shank
Professor and Chair, Arts Administration, Education, & Policy
614 688-4346
David Staley David Staley
Adjunct Associate Professor, History, and Manager of the Goldberg Project
614 292-5344
David Staley David Staley
Associate Professor of History and Director of the Goldberg Center
614 292-5344
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction
Lewis Ulman Lewis Ulman
Associate Professor of English, Director of Digital Medial Studies
614 292-2275
Lewis Ulman Lewis Ulman
Associate Professor of English, Director of Digital Medial Studies
614 292-2275
Lisa Voigt Lisa Voigt
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
614 247-0020
Isaac Weiner Isaac Weiner
Assistant Professor
Karl Whittington Karl Whittington
Assistant Professor
614 688-8183
Michelle Wibbelsman Michelle Wibbelsman
Assistant Professor
614 292-7787
Michelle Wibbelsman Michelle Wibbelsman
Assistant Professor
614 292-7787
Shannon Winnubst Shannon Winnubst
Associate Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
614 292-3915
Judy Wu Judy Wu
Associate Professor of History
614 292-9331
(Brena) Yu-Chen Tai (Brena) Yu-Chen Tai
LASER Fellow
Christian Zacher Christian Zacher
Former Director and Professor Emeritus of English
Medieval Literature
Midieval Culture
English Literature