2013-14 Calendar

(all events take place on Friday in the George Wells Knight House, 104 East 15th Ave., unless otherwise indicated)

Autumn 2013

Oct. 11        1:00 pm         Cristobal Silva (Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University)  “How to Name a Plague: The History of Yellow Fever in the Age of Epidemic”

Oct. 25         1:00 pm         Patricia Arroyo-Calderón (PhD candidate, Spanish and Portuguese, OSU)  “Taming the Social by Visualizing Society: The Politics of Exclusion and Representation in Latin American ‘Realista’ and ‘Costumbrista’ Literature”

Nov. 8            1:00 pm       Carolyn Dean(Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture, University of California, Santa Cruz)  “Colonial Things, Cosmopolitan Thinking”

Nov. 22          1:00 pm        Elizabeth Hewitt  (Associate Professor of English, OSU)                


Spring 2014

February 7      2:30 pm      Claudia Happel (PhD candidate, Spanish and Portuguese, OSU) "It's Worth a Potosi: The Mountain and its Silver Mines as an Icon of Economic and Political Power"       

February 21      3:00 pm    Kathleen Donegan (Associate Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley)  CMRS Lecture: “Things That Seemed Incredible: The Starving Time at Jamestown,” 090 18th Avenue Library

April 4      2:30 pm        Tatiana Seijas (Assistant Professor of History, Miami University) "The Road of Empire: Covering the Distance between Mexico City and Santa Fe, 1540-1850"

April 18        2:30 pm         Peter Coviello (Professor of English, Bowdoin College) "How the Mormons Became White: Polygamy, Indigeneity, Sovereignty" (co-sponsored by DISCO—The Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU - and Sexuality Studies)