The Americas Before 1900 Working Group

 Spring 2013 Calendar

(all events take place in Knight House unless otherwise indicated)

January 25             Maria Victoria Marquez, History
1:00 pm         “Mules, quicksilver, and ‘a glorious death’: Bourbon Perú from the experience of Tucuman´s (ad)venture merchants”
February 8 Lisa Voigt, Spanish & Portuguese      
1:00 pm “Festive Natives in Potosí: From Audience to Performance”
February 22 David Brewer, English
1:00 pm “English Form, Colonial Materials”
March 21                   Note this Literacy Studies event:
4:00 pm                      Joanne Rappaport, Anthropology, Georgetown University     
311 Denney                  LiteracyStudies@OSU (
March 29 Andréa Doré, History, Universidade Federal do Paraná (Curitiba, Brazil)
1:00 pm “Putting Brazil on the Map: Traditions in the Representation of South America”
Location TBA
April 19 Anna Brickhouse, English, University of Virginia
1:00 pm “Translation and Unsettlement”
April 24                       Note this Public Lecture:        
Location TBA              Jill Lepore, American History, Harvard University
                                    Public Humanities lecture series (