Constellations: Mapping Space


Constellations: Mapping Space


Friday, February 21st, 2014, 3:30-4:30 pm – Hopkins Hall 262


An interdisciplinary colloquium that explores the visualizing methods for representing

the night sky in the Humanities, Arts and beyond. A series of speakers will present on a

range of mapping processes, from the narratives of ancient poets and Medieval maps to

cutting-edge astronomy and contemporary film and photography.


Participants: Jeanne Liotta (Film UC Boulder - via Skype), David Weinberg (OSU

Astronomy), Aspen Mays (OSU Photography), Karl Whittington (OSU Art History),

Richard Fletcher (OSU Classics)


Constellations: Mapping Space is the inaugural event of the Humanities Institute Pilot

Working Group Rough Draft, led by Dani Leventhal (OSU Art) and Richard Fletcher

(OSU Classics). For upcoming events, visit: