Dialectics East and West

Anh Ho (Philosophy), Joel Wainwright (Geography), and Christopher Brown (Classics/Modern Greek)

Since Plato and Aristotle, dialectic has been understood as a method external to its object. Against this tradition of static alienation, Hegel and Marx Hegelreturn to the Pre-Socratic understanding of dialectic as the self-movement of being itself, the historical self-movement of consciousness becoming historical consciousness of itself. Dialectic is also found in Asian traditions such as Buddhism, the Vedas, and Daoism. 

This Working Group examines how the dialectic appears in these diverse sources to better understand its nature and relevance for our lives. In spring 2016 the focus is on the Dialectics of the Self, examining themes of alienation, false consciousness, and narcissism. In the fall discussion will focus on the Dialectics of Capitalism, and in spring 2017 on Dialectics of the Community.

Students, faculty and staff, members of the community and remote participants are all welcome at weekly meetings for reading and discussion held at 4pm Thursdays beginning January 14 in the Kermit Hall Videoconference Center in Hagerty Hall. Check the website at http://go.osu.edu/dialectics for readings, and feel free to attend as regularly or irregularly as convenient.

On April 7 at 4pm in Hagerty 180 Prof. Tom Kasulis will deliver the keynote address entitled "The Dialectical Self in Modern Japanese Philosophy: Negotiating the Alterity of the West." Working Group discussion the previous Thursday will be in preparation for this event.