Qualitative Inquiry

Coordinated by

Candace StoutMark Moritz




Candace Stout (Art Education) and Mark Moritz (Anthropology)

This working group is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to fostering cross-campus conversation among faculty and graduate students engaged in qualitative inquiry, including mixed methodologies. Scholars working in a variety of disciplines cross-cutting the arts, humanities, and the social, natural, behavioral, and applied sciences are engaging with increasing frequency in the rich variety of research strategies and methods that fall within a complex of domains in qualitative investigation. Committed to the multi-method approach and subscribing to varied conceptions of human experience, researchers engaged in qualitative inquiry, nonetheless, share interests and concerns in epistemology and analytical approaches to solving research problems. Given the size of our university, we are often unaware of the richness of human resources available to us; therefore, one of the central goals of this working group is to tap these resources, connect these departments, schools, and colleges toward sharing investigative strategies that complement, intermesh and illuminate new possibilities for qualitative inquiry. Through informal contacts alone, the interest list for this working group includes over 35 faculty working in departments such as Sociology, Social Work, History, English, African-American Studies, Design, Anthropology, Art Education, Education Policy & Leadership. http://qualinq.wikidot.com