Humanities and Medicine Working Group

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(image courtesy of Michael Nedelman, Stanford School of Medicine)

---“The ideal scientist thinks like a poet.  Only later does he work at the bookkeeping expected of his profession.”

E. O. Wilson, Letters to a Young Scientist

The Humanities and Medicine Working Group seeks to establish Ohio State as a leading center for the study of medical humanities.  Building on the success of the April 2013 Conference on Narrative Medicine in the Twenty-First Century (co-sponsored by the Humanities Institute), we will work to enhance the teaching of and research on Humanities and Medicine currently being carried out across the University by creating a community among the scholars doing this work.  Numerous faculty and graduate students across the Humanities and Social Sciences at OSU teach and research on medicine, and we wish to bring these people together by organizing several events that will help catalyze our efforts to build bridges between Humanities and the Medical Sciences at Ohio State. 

The working group, funded for a two-year period, convened Spring 2014.

Coordinated by:

Susan Lawrence  Julia Nelson HawkinsJames PhelanDana Renga

Susan Lawrence             Julia Nelson Hawkins     James Phelan                 Dana Renga

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