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Starving the Beast

November 3, 2016
Starving the Beast

The provocative documentary Starving the Beast examines the deep ideological debates raging around the country over the funding of state universities and colleges. The divide is marked by those who want to apply a market approach to higher ed, with costs borne by the consumer (i.e.

Emily Levine - April 2017

May 16, 2016
Emily Levine

Emily Levine is Assistant Professor of History at University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Her research places ideas, scholarly practices, and institutions into the social, cultural, and political contexts of cities in nineteenth and twentieth-century Europe and America.

Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky -Feb 2017

May 16, 2016
Carolyn Turnovsky

Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky is an assistant professor in Law, Societies, and Justice and American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington.