Emily Levine - April 2017

May 16, 2016
Emily Levine

Emily Levine is Assistant Professor of History at University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Her research places ideas, scholarly practices, and institutions into the social, cultural, and political contexts of cities in nineteenth and twentieth-century Europe and America. She focuses on the "conditions of possibility" of intellectual production, including the settings, contexts, and institutions that enable and authenticate ideas as well as questions of scholarly and institutional transfer (what the Germans call Wissenstransfer) between different national, political, and cultural contexts.

Her first book, Dreamland of Humanists: Warburg, Cassirer, Panofsky and the Hamburg School published by University of Chicago Press in 2013, analyzes the intellectual collaboration of Aby Warburg, Ernst Cassirer, and Erwin Panofsky in the city of Hamburg between the wars. The book argues that this group's unconventional scholarship in art history and philosophy directly arose from the familial, religious, and economic conditions of the city in which they lived.

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