The Big Picture

Since 2003, the Institute has partnered with the Columbus Museum of Art to present “The Big Picture,” a series of lectures and panel discussions by scholars from OSU and elsewhere, held at the Museum in conjunction with its exhibitions. The talks are meant to enhance the Museum’s exhibitions by framing them in significant intellectual, social, and aesthetic contexts.

2011-12 speakers and exhibitions

March 31 flyer

  • Rick Livingston (Comp Studies and Interim Director of the Humanities Institute) "Walkscape:  Art and Footwork" in conjunction with the "Carved and Whittled Sculpture: American Folk Art Walking Sticks from the Hills Collection" exhibition on March 4, 2:00 pm, Columbus Museum of Art

  Touching Fingertips (No. 92) photographer: Paul PrimeauTouching Fingertips (No. 92) photographer: Paul Primeau

  • Barbara Haeger (History of Art) "Caravaggio:  Revolutionary Realist" in conjunction with the "Caravaggio: Behold the Man! The Impact of a Revolutionary Realist" exhibition Ecce Homo, Caravaggio, 1605

2010-11 speakers and exhibitions

  •  Bart Overly (Architecture) “Spin-Off: The City Around the Museum” in conjunction with the just-completed renovation of the museum
  • Toni Shorter Smith (Art Education) "My Place Called Home: An Inhabitants View of the Near East Side" in conjunction with the “Street Talk and Spiritual Matters: Aminah’s Mt. Vernon of Art Avenue” exhibition. May 22, 2:00 pm at the Columbus Museum of Art

2009-10 speakers and exhibitions

  • Barbara Ryden (Astronomy) “Telescopes: Capturing Light with Glass” in conjunction with the “Chuhily Illuminated Exhibition”
  • Charles Drummond (Materials Sciences Engineering) “Secrets of Glass” in conjunction with the “Chihuly Illuminated Exhibition”
  • Richard Harned (Art) “Glass in Context: Exploring the Mystique of Glass Art” in conjunction with the “Chihuly Illuminated Exhibition”

2008-09 speakers and exhibitions

  • Ron Pizzuti (art collector and Chairman and CEO of The Pizzuti Companies) “Contemporary Collecting from Local to Global” in conjunction with the “Objects of Wonder from The Ohio State University” exhibition
  • Geoffrey Smith (University Libraries) “The Kindness of Friends: Philanthropy at the Ohio State University Libraries” in conjunction with the “Objects of Wonder from The Ohio State University” exhibition
  • Panel discussion: Thomas Minnick (Special Assistant to the OSU Vice Provost for Minority Affairs), moderator; Erika Bourguignon (OSU Professor Emerita, Anthropology); Dale Gnidovec (Curator, OSU Orton Geological Museum) in conjunction with the “Objects of Wonder from The Ohio State University” exhibition
  • Sarah Iles Johnston (Greek and Latin) "Journeys in the Afterlife" in conjunction with the "To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum" exhibition

2007-08 speakers and exhibitions

  • Richelle Schrock (Women’s Studies) “Risky Representations: Seeing Ourselves/Being Seen by Others” in conjunction with the “Stories From the Somali Diaspora: Photographs by Abdi Roble” exhibition
  • Amy Shuman (English) and Maurice Stevens (Comparative Studies)  “Larger Than Life Stories: Aminah Robinson’s Water Street Journeys” in conjunction with the “Along Water Street: New Work by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson” exhibition
  • Judith Sacks (affiliated scholar, American Studies, Kenyon College) “Edna Boies Hopkins (1872-1937): Ohio Modernist Printmaker” in conjunction with the “Edna Boies Hopkins exhibition
  • Birgitte Soland (History) “Image and Reality: Children and Childhood in European History” in conjunction with the “Great Expectations: Aristocratic Children in European Portraiture” exhibition

2006-07 speakers and exhibitions

  • Jason Kentner (Architecture) “Blur: Landscape’s Shifting Image” in conjunction with “The Quiet Landscapes of William B. Post” exhibition
  • John Wenzel (Biological Sciences) “Mauritius, Island of the Lost” in conjunction with the “Harrio Kallio: Dodos and Mauritius Island” exhibition
  • John McMorrough (Architecture) “Flat is the New Deep” in conjunction with the “Optic Nerve: Perceptual Art of the 1960’s exhibition”

2005-06 speakers and exhibitions

  • Bob Tauber (Book Arts Specialist and former director of OSU’s Logan Elm Press) “Sid Chafetz: Friend, Teacher & Colleague” in conjunction with the “Sid Chafetz” exhibition
  • Nina Berman (Comparative Studies) “Whose Islam is it? Thoughts on Lalla Essaydi’s Images of Women and Children” in conjunction with the “Lalla Essaydi: Converging Territories” exhibition
  • David Neal Miller (Germanic Languages and Literatures) “Memories of the Present: Arthur Leipzig’s New York” in conjunction with the “Arthur Leipzig: On Assignment” exhibition
  • Barbara Groseclose (History of Art) “Alice Schille in her Time” in conjunction with the “Alice Schille: An Independent Spirit” exhibition
  • Jingyuan Zhang (East Asian Languages and Cultures, Georgetown University) "Chain of Compassion: A Unique Alternative Treatment of Mental Patients in Taiwan" in conjunction with the "Chien Chi Chang—The Chain" exhibition

The 2005-06 series was supported by major funding from the Fifth Third Bank Foundation. Past funding has been provided by the Ohio Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. (Contact

2004-05 speakers and exhibitions

  • Thomas Minnick (Minority Affairs) “Collecting Postcards from the Volcano” in conjunction with the “Family Album: The James Rutkowski Collection of American Photographs” exhibition
  • Kay Bea Jones (Architecture) “Two Modern Women and the Landscape of the Southwest” in conjunction with the “Georgia O’Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place” exhibition
  • Brenda Brueggemann (English and Disability Studies) “The Allen Sisters’ Photography, 1885-1920: Deaf Eyes” in conjunction with the “Allen Sisters: Pictorial Photographers 1885-1920” exhibition
  • Anne Burkhart (Art, Ohio University) “Things That Matter: Social Contexts and the Decorative Arts” in conjunction with the “Bringing Modernism Home: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1980-1960” exhibition
  • Melissa Wolfe (History of Art) “A Studio of Her Own: Finding a Place for Women Artists in the Gilded Age” in conjunction with the Claude Raguet Hirst: Transforming the American Still Life” exhibition

2003-04 speakers and exhibitions

  • Steven Conn (History) “Immigration and the Avant-Garde” in conjunction with the “American Expressionism” exhibition
  • Steven Fink (English) “George Bellows and His Era” in conjunction with the “By George! Columbus Celebrates American Master George Bellows” exhibition
  • Susan Williams (English), Robert Wagner (Theatre), Shirley Wajda (American Studies, Kent State) “The Impact of Photography on Nineteeth-Century American Culture” panel discussion in conjunction with “The American Tintype” exhibition
  • Myroslava Mudrak (History of Art) “Fabergé and the Arts and Crafts Movement of Late Imperial Russia” in conjunction with “The Fabergé Menagerie: Animal Creations of the Fabergé Workshops” exhibition
  • H. Lewis Ulman (English) “Specimen, Image, Artwork: Three Ways of Looking at Nature Photography” in conjunction with the “From Prairie to Field: Photographs by Terry Evans” exhibition
  • Pheoris West (Art), “Blacks and Blues” in conjunction with the “Not-So-Basic BLACK” exhibition
  • Andrew Shelton (History of Art) “Impressionists after Impressionism: The Late Works of Claude Monet” in conjunction with the “Monet to Matisse: The Triumph of Impressionism and the Avant-Guarde” exhibition
  • Valerie Lee (English) “Black Exodus: The Great Migration in African American Literature and Art” in conjunction with the “Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series” exhibition
  • Gayle Strege (Consumer Sciences and Textiles) “Weaving Traditions of Southeast Asia” in conjunction with the “The Fabric of Life: Columbus Collects Textile Art” exhibition